We appreciate that our trainees, even within the same company, can be very diverse in subject-matter expertise levels, learning abilities and their individual time constraints. As such, we put together training programs that most effectively address each customer’s training needs.

Our comprehensive training materials include guides, workbooks, checklists, module maps and scripts to assist with each of our programs and courses. We can also provide recordings of training sessions for future reference.


Accounting Training

The Accounting Training complements the Industry Training course. Aimed at all levels of experience, the course is individually customized based on each trainee’s accounting and finance background. Starting with a foundational introduction to accounting, the course accelerates to lease accounting and its various nuances.


Product – Functional Training

Product training can be tailored for Subject Matter Experts, end users of LeaseWave, trainers on the customer side, or power-users. Odessa offers numerous certification courses in LeaseWave covering different areas of the product suite. The length and intensity of each course is adjusted based on the coverage desired. At the end of each section, trainees are administered a test for obtaining a certification of completion.


Product – Technical Training

Aimed at IT users, Technical Training can be broken down into three broad categories: System Administration, Database Administration and Development Support. System Administration focuses on the ongoing maintenance of LeaseWave including release management, first-line-of-defense training, triage execution and job-scheduler management. Database Administration covers backup and disaster recovery training, version synchronization and management of user-defined elements. Development Support is aimed at custom report building, development of extensions to LeaseWave, integration management and the development of new functionality / products using the LeaseWave development environment.


ICON Investments adapts to a demanding marketplace with LeaseWave

Improve operations by reducing manual processes and temporary workarounds. Provide a centralized platform to replace disparate legacy systems Solution. ....

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