Support Staff to Clients


Odessa provides 24/7 product support through a dedicated Client Services team. Support is rendered via:






Online Support System

Each incident is logged online and tracked against Service Level Agreements. Customers have real time access to their incidents and are automatically notified of their progress till resolution.

Our Method: Client Services team members are embedded in key stages of the implementation process, including deployment, such that they become familiar with the customer’s business and also establish direct relationships with end users. Each customer has a designated Client Services team that is knowledgeable of their business model and of any unique configuration changes applicable to their install. Our support model is thus designed to optimize efficiency in interaction with both the client’s IT group and its business users, with the objective of reducing resolution time.

Support Categories:


Quality is the centerpiece of our development methodology. Our dedicated Quality Assurance group strives to ensure that errors are mitigated before every release. Errors reported by customers are held to stringent SLA standards with real time online tracking of progress.


All levels of support include our commitment (1) to remain current with ongoing changes to the hardware and software that support our products; and (2) to remain compliant with all regulatory changes that impact product functionality.


After a reported error is fixed, our support process ensures that we propagate that fix to the relevant underlying core product. Based on the sensitivity of the error, other clients that may be affected are accordingly updated.


We are dedicated to continuously improving user experience. Ideas from ongoing projects, Client Services, our monthly Business Architect meetings and customer suggestions are all tracked by our Solutions Architecture Group. Each idea is evaluated for its place in the Product Roadmap, whether immediate or long term.


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