Implementation Services

Odessa follows an industry-standard implementation process for the deployment of LeaseWave. With a dedicated implementation team supplemented by an extensive Project Management Office, Odessa can take on any size of deployment.

Requirements Definition
Design Configuration Testing &
Data Migration

Project Planning

The Project Charter and Project Plan form the groundwork for all phases and activities for an implementation. These are created during Project Planning in coordination with the customer.



Current business processes and opportunities for process improvement are examined, resulting in detailed business requirements (Needs Analysis). These are then converted to functional design specifications that define how requirements will be met through a traceability-matrix driven approach (Design). Data conversion requirements, including third-party integrations, are also mapped out.


Data Migration

Data Migration commences in parallel with System Configuration and is driven using a Migration Toolset that automates the transforming and loading of data from legacy systems. Odessa consultants work with the customer to assist with source-to-target data mapping, data loads and reconciliation testing and validation.



Using the Requirements documentation, LeaseWave is configured and is incrementally released for testing. This is coordinated with the ongoing Data Migration effort so that system testing is carried out on actual customer data.


Testing and Training

Users are provided with training to complement each release of the configured system such that their testing is meaningful. Odessa consultants assist with various types of testing, including functional, system, integration, load, volume and security testing. All business processes and procedural definitions are outlined during training, using documented standard operating procedures for both the system and surrounding architecture.


Service-oriented Lease Management Software

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