Vehicle Management

Fleet administration made easy.

LeaseWave has specialized, comprehensive functionality specifically designed for fleet administration.

The system supports the entire lifecycle of the vehicle (from build to disposition) the associated fleet management contract and the underlying lease contract.



LeaseWave has out-of-the-box integrations with industry-leading CRM systems. It also ships with integration-ready interfaces that readily connect with other CRM systems. This integration need not be just a one-way push of information but rather a multi-level exchange of data that goes both ways, affecting decision-making, status management, trigger points and workflows in both the CRM as well as in LeaseWave.

Document-management Document Management

Document Management

LeaseWave has industry-standard document management features. Documents/packages are auto-generated using templates that are user-defined and include security features that tightly control what information can be changed by which role in each instance of a document. The templates themselves can be set up against any entity in the system, providing for complete flexibility in creating documents at any desired level. LeaseWave also integrates directly with industry-standard enterprise document management systems.

Proposal-management Proposal

Proposal Management

LeaseWave allows for the easy building of quotes and the generation of customized proposals. Each quote can comprise of various options, both from a financing and fleet services perspective. The system also manages an iterative proposal process through to acceptance and award.

Vehicle-configuration Vehicle

Vehicle Configuration

LeaseWave is closely integrated with industry leading systems and databases to allow the user to easily configure, select and modify features on vehicle ready for order. This functionality is also made available to the fleet administrator on the customer's side via the Customer Portal. Output information can readily be integrated into both internal as well as external vehicle ordering systems.

Fleet-administration Fleet

Fleet Administration

LeaseWave manages a comprehensive range of fleet services including driver management, vehicle-replacement policy management, preventative maintenance, exceptions reporting, accident management, fuel card management, etc. Designed to be entirely configurable, the system also allows for user-defined products to be added to the fleet services offering.

Vehicle-management Vehicle

Vehicle Management

LeaseWave manages the entire lifecycle of the vehicle, from acquisition to disposition covering both on and off-lease requirements. Titling and registrations, plate management, odometer reading management (that can in turn trigger other functionality in the system) and components tracking are just some of the many vehicle-specific features available.

Status tracking

  • Define any number of statuses and sub statuses that an asset can be in
  • Use business rules to drive the automatic selection of a status and sub-status
  • DealRecord a comprehensive asset snapshot on each status/sub-status change

Location tracking

  • Track location history with full detail, each time asset changes location
  • Automatically ensure that taxable locations are valid jurisdictions
  • Associate each location change with an effective date
  • Effective dates can be prospective or retroactive
  • All sales / property tax ramifications are automatically handled
  • Allow customers to request location changes online through lessee portal

Odometer readings

  • Track mileage or hourly-based odometer readings
  • Manage data quality through built-in reading integrity checks
  • Run exception reports to highlight erroneous readings
  • Accept odometer readings electronically
  • Integrate with automated feeds from third party system aimed at truck leasing software

Driver management

  • Track drivers as a separate “entity” in the system
  • Assign a driver to more than one vehicle, if needed
  • Generate taxable benefit reports per driver
  • Allow drivers to access and enter key information from a Driver Portal
Contract-management Contract

Contract Management

LeaseWave offers full coverage for the servicing of both the lease contract and fleet contract, all in one place. Aimed at complex fleets, LeaseWave allows for flexibility in contract structuring, product administration, billing and other ongoing servicing during the life of the contract. The system is fully integrated with industry standard third-party systems for sales and use tax, property tax, titling and registration and insurance management needs. All the underlying accounting entries are automatically generated with guaranteed compliance. LeaseWave also has extensive reporting capability, including powerful user-defined query-building and report generation tools.

Tax-compliance Tax

Tax Compliance

LeaseWave has comprehensive coverage for tax compliance. For Sales & Use tax management, the system offers its own rate-tables and rules-engine as well as full integration with Vertex O-Series™ and other industry leading systems. Its tax engine is configurable for use internationally across different tax jurisdictions, including GST-based, VAT-based, TDS (tax deducted at source) and service tax regimes. Similarly, for Property tax management, LeaseWave is integrated with industry-leading systems such as PTMS™. LeaseWave also offers full coverage for tax accounting needs.

Invoicing Invoicing


LeaseWave offers full coverage for the billing needs of even the most demanding fleet customers. Multiple-format support is available, including consolidated invoices (one invoice for multiple contracts), cost-center presentation (invoices where line items are grouped per the customer's cost centers) and detailed line item level billing (that can be grouped at different levels and by charge types. Customer preferences for invoice formats can also be defined for each billing location, including by customers directly via the self-service Customer Portal.

Collections Collections


Cash application in LeaseWave can be automated to desired degrees, from manual processing at the line item and/or invoice level to posting through file uploads, ACH, lockbox, etc. The Collections Management functionality is driven by real time cash-application data. Using a dashboard-driven approach, LeaseWave streamlines SLA-driven ‘work queue assignment', controlled by Collections managers.

Reporting Reporting


LeaseWave comes with a comprehensive list of standard out-of-the-box reports. In addition, LeaseWave includes powerful ‘user-defined' reporting capabilities. Business users can create complex reports, using any field available to their respective role/s from a security perspective. The formatting, sorting, sub-totaling, filtering, etc. can all be saved. User-defined reports can even leverage the scheduling (for automated generation with email notification) features available for system reports.


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