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The LeaseWave Mobility Framework allows for mobile-ready deployments of any system feature set from our core offering. This means that not only our partner portals, but also the entire LeaseWave platform, are mobile-ready. We have a full range of ready-to-use apps aimed at your customers and partners.

Framework Framework


Our apps are built using a hybrid framework allowing them to run off a mobile browser and/or be available on Apple's iOS and Google's Android platforms. Standardized and cutting-edge UI design patterns ensure that they support smaller screens (phones) as well as large ones (tablets). Architecturally, our apps are all designed to maximize re-use, leveraging the same middle tier and back-end functionality as its web-based variant. This includes the inheritance of user-based configuration and system security. In other words our apps don't require additional administrative overhead. They are ready for consumption out-of-the-box.

Vendor-App Vendor App

Vendor App

The Vendor App is aimed at Vendors and Dealerships and compliments its online counterpart, the Vendor Portal. Applications can be submitted from the user's device of choice right into LeaseWave's workflow. Once submitted, the progress of transactions can be monitored with automated notifications updates. The set up and retrieval of customer information, document management, push notifications to customers and document management are all at your disposal.

Configured-App Configured Apps

Configured Apps

Any feature set of functionality from any of our products can be consolidated into a mobile application. You decide what functionality you want to make available to which user group, on what devices. Security, user-experience, notification, workflow-intelligence, graphical rendering and full data /functional integration into underlying LeaseWave products are all streamlined for rapid deployment using industry standard methodologies on state-of-the art system architecture.


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