End-to-end lease and loan management.

The LeaseWave system manages the entire lifecycle of the contract (from proposal through end-of-lease) and (the entire lifecycle of the asset) from build through disposition.



LeaseWave has out-of-the-box integrations with industry-leading CRM systems. It also ships with integration-ready interfaces that readily connect with other CRM systems. This integration need not be just a one-way push of information but rather a multi-level exchange of data that goes both ways, affecting decision-making, status management, trigger points and workflows in both the CRM as well as in LeaseWave.


Originations Management

Originations management is fully workflow based and is configurable to meet the needs of any type of leasing model, accommodating the entire array of go-to-market strategies prevalent in the asset finance industry. Whether your business is direct, indirect, vendor-based, broker-based, small ticket, mid-market, large corporate or a combination of all these channels, LeaseWave can manage the entire originations process.


Credit Processing

LeaseWave facilitates the entire credit evaluation and approval process, including financial spreading, credit report analysis, score carding (manual and/or automated) and overall credit review of the customer's financial information. Parallel to this process, based on the progress of the credit decision, LeaseWave also manages the preparation needed for the sale of portions of transactions where risk has to be shared across various investors.



Pricing can be handled both within LeaseWave using its own pricing engine and through integrations with industry standard third-party systems, allowing for a wide array of complexity sophistication in modeling across the leasing spectrum, ranging from small ticket to middle market to large corporate transactions.


Document Management

LeaseWave has industry-standard document management features. Documents/packages are auto-generated using templates that are user-defined and include security features that tightly control what information can be changed by which role in each instance of a document. The templates themselves can be set up against any entity in the system, providing for complete flexibility in creating documents at any desired level. LeaseWave also integrates directly with industry-standard enterprise document management systems.


Asset Management

LeaseWave is a true asset-based system, capable of managing thousands of assets on a single schedule. The entire lifecycle of the asset, from creation to disposition is comprehensively managed both from an operational as well as a financial and accounting perspective. This includes progress pays, deposits, interim rent, depreciation schedules, partial payoffs, asset-specific extensions, repossessions, refurbishing and remarketing.

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Takedown Management

LeaseWave supports complex installation processes. For single or multiple takedowns (where customers are looking to draw down against a line) or progress-payment based interim funding (where billing for certain assets commences even as others are being installed), the system automate the entire installation process. This functionality is closely tied to asset delivery managed by the system's Certificate of Acceptance / D&A module.

Discounting &

Discounting & Syndication

LeaseWave supports the discounting of contracts whereby the rental stream is collateralized (partially or fully) and a note is set up on the lessor's books. Discounting can be managed on contract-by-contract basis or for a pool of leases/loans. The system's syndication capability allows for the sale (partial or full) of the rental stream (with or without the residual) with the relevant portion of the contract taken off the books.

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Billing &

Billing & Collections

LeaseWave offers full coverage for the billing needs of even the most diverse portfolios. Multiple-format support is available including consolidated invoices (one invoice for multiple schedules), cost-center presentation (invoices where line items are grouped per the customer's cost centers) and asset-level billing (invoices where assets are grouped independent of the schedule to which they belong). Cash applications can be processed at the line item and/or invoice level with receipts being managed through check, ACH, lockbox, etc. This capability is supported by extensive customer service and collections functionality: dashboard-driven customer service, powerful collections management and SLA-driven ‘work queue assignments' all facilitate the streamlining of back-office operations.

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Ancillary Services

LeaseWave manages the offering of a wide range of billable services in addition to industry standard lease and loan products. This includes usage-driven, asset based services such as cost-per-copy, cost-per-click and other metered charges. It also includes the management of transactions where the vendor may play an active role in the provision of disposable components associated with certain assets. Other ‘add on' services such as ‘forced placed insurance' can also be managed. And to ensure full coverage, LeaseWave even allows the creation of complex user-defined service offerings at both the asset and contract levels.

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Contract Modifications

LeaseWave offers comprehensive capability to manage contracts post-booking. Restructures, rebooks, pay downs, write offs, etc. are all managed with due consideration to the accounting ramifications; for leases, the system's asset-based design facilitates partial payoffs, casualties, residual write downs, etc.



LeaseWave is designed to meet a diverse set of compliance needs. This includes sales and use tax management, UCC filing, property tax management and functionality to manage a diverse array of insurance requirements. LeaseWave also integrates with industry leading third party systems for each of these functions. The system includes comprehensive regulatory compliance for both publicly owned and bank-owned leasing companies. Odessa also has extensive experience in international geographies and familiarity with diverse tax and regulatory regimes.

Sales & use tax

  • Automated interfaces with Vertex™ products, including O-Series™
  • Automated interfaces with ADP Taxware™ products
  • Two way interfaces for input and export of tax-related information
  • Manage complex and unique tax scenarios presented by various jurisdictions
  • Set up rules for each customer, receivable, asset class to reflect exemptions and exceptions
  • Scrub locations as they are set up to ensure that they represent valid jurisdictions
  • Assess and store tax information at the jurisdiction level (state, county, city, FPO, district, etc.)

Upfront taxation

  • Automatically determine upfront taxation, whether on the rental or cost
  • Capitalize upfront tax into lease at unique rate
  • Deal with relocation scenarios to and from upfront tax jurisdictions

Tax control tables

  • In the absence of integrations, set up jurisdiction and tax rates
  • Override any imported rates as needed
  • Define customer-level tax rules to handle specific exemptions and exceptions
  • Import just tax rate information from third-party tax databases
    • Use integration for just updating tax rate information each month
    • Manage all taxation and tax rules within LeaseWave

Compliance reports

  • Run standard reports expected from financing and commercial leasing software
  • Run reports to determine sales tax assessment and collection by jurisdiction
  • Comply with exemption reporting imposed by certain jurisdictions
  • Run income-related reports by jurisdiction
  • Track property, revenue, income and depreciation

UCC management

  • Integrate fully with iLien™
  • Track certificates against each customer with automated reminders
  • Review filing information as needed

Property tax management

  • Export asset information to products such as PTMS™ or CBiz™
  • Automatically import assessments back into LeaseWave
  • Generate property tax A/R and A/P transactions via automated assessment import or manually
  • Compare and manage expected and actual property tax assessed
    • Once actual is known, differences can be further assessed or refunded
  • Capitalize upfront tax into lease at unique rate
  • Run dedicated reports to manage property tax compliance
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End of Lease Management

LeaseWave has specialized, comprehensive and workflow-based end-of-lease management functionality to handle End-of-term Processing, Maturity Notifications, Pay Offs and Terminations, Late Stage Collections, Workouts and Remarketing. The system coordinates the entire end-of-lease team across the lifecycles of each of these different processes, facilitating close collaboration with relevant parts of operations throughout each process. LeaseWave also automates the accounting behind each transaction, automatically generating requisite entries.



LeaseWave comes with a comprehensive list of standard out-of-the-box reports. In addition, LeaseWave includes powerful ‘user-defined' reporting capabilities. Business users can create complex reports, using any field available to their respective role/s from a security perspective. The formatting, sorting, sub-totaling, filtering, etc. can all be saved. User-defined reports can even leverage the scheduling (for automated generation with email notification) features available for system reports.

Lease & Loan

Lease & Loan Accounting

LeaseWave generates the underlying GL accounting entries for all financial transactions in the system through a streamlined, template-driven design. This model takes the onus off the user and ensures that transactions automatically conform to GAAP (US and International) and meet regulatory standards, no matter the geography. All GL entries are generated at the most detailed level possible and are automatically exported to GL systems through scheduled batches.

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Connecting the Lease Enterprise through Lease Management Software

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