Configure, Extend, Build.


The challenge.

Your ecosystem. Over time, you’ve built your platform around a legacy leasing system. Your processes span disparate tools built on multiple technologies. Your data sits in silos. It’s difficult to maintain. The idea of replacing your core leasing system is daunting because this impacts your entire ecosystem.


The solution.

Our system. We start with our functionally rich end-to-end leasing system. We put its configuration in your hands. We make it easy to implement. We give you a low code platform to extend existing features or build new functionality. Your unwieldy ecosystem is transformed into a single system built on a future-ready technology stack.


What is AppStudio?

Odessa AppStudio is the user-friendly, low code development platform on which LeaseWave itself was created. With AppStudio, you can configure LeaseWave, extend its features and even create new applications. It is architected to allow continuous functional and technological upgrades while remaining compatible with your changes.



LeaseWave - at your speed.

Implementation challenges slowing you down? AppStudio gives you the control to configure fields, screens, workflows, business rules and processes. Whether you do the work internally, engage a third party consultant or work directly with Odessa, AppStudio simplifies the deployment process and ensures your new additions are compatible with the rest of the application. Customize the system to meet your ever-changing business requirements with the comfort of knowing that your LeaseWave core is consistent across the user-community.



Our platform, your imagination.

AppStudio is the externalization of Odessa’s development platform - providing users a window into the inner workings of the LeaseWave application.

Create future-ready, upgrade-compatible extensions to existing functionality, no matter how complex. Integrate with surround applications with minimal IT involvement. Collaborate centrally across SMEs, Business Architects, Analysts and IT. Agile, prototype-led development with AppStudio means faster and more predictable delivery of features with consistently high quality.



Ecosystem made easy.

Say goodbye to the days of Access™ files, Excel™ spreadsheets and one-off databases. All of your business operation needs can now be brought onto a singular platform, on a unified database, for a seamless LeaseWave user experience.

With our low code development platform, build new LeaseWave modules or entirely new products by leveraging a full library of pre-built system components. Experience faster time to deployment with built-in test automation. Enjoy our ongoing technology and functional upgrades without skipping a beat.


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