Leasing Software and Fleet Management Converge to Create Synergies

Author: Madhu Natarajan, CEO Odessa Technologies

Author: Madhu Natarajan, CEO Odessa Technologies, Inc.
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After extensive research, Fleet management consultants Odessa Technologies, Inc. recently identified key trends shaping the fleet management industry. Among these key trends, in addition to real-time exchange of information, users can expect to see greater functionality derived from (1) the integration of leasing software and fleet management systems and (2) web-based fleet/leasing software. With the advent of Internet-based fleet management software, fleet management companies can now leverage the accessibility of the Web to create significant advantages over traditional leasing software products.

Benefits of web-based design

One of the benefits of the added functionality attributed to Web-based software is an increase in operational efficiencies. In the past, the ability to manage complex relationships across all customer types has been challenging. Current technology enables users to connect with the fleet management company or lessor from any location equipped with Internet access. The traditional one-way pipelines of data delivery thus become forums for information exchange.

Additionally, the integration of leasing software and fleet management systems can result in demonstrable cost savings for the business. More specifically, fleet management software is capable of connecting business partners in real-time, thereby significantly reducing communication cycle times.