LeaseWave WorkFlow offers Innovative Web-based Processing Solutions

Author: Madhu Natarajan, CEO Odessa Technologies

Author: Madhu Natarajan, CEO Odessa Technologies, Inc.

Author: Jay Mehra, COO Odessa Technologies

Author: Jay Mehra, COO Odessa Technologies, Inc.
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LeaseWave WorkFlow is a Web-Based workflow processing system that accelerates lease processing time, effectively manages other related processes, and optimizes workforce efficiencies in any decision making environment. Any workflow process, whether it be for the decision on lease applications or vendor payments (check requests), can be accommodated.

Lease Application Processing

Specifically, workflow allows for lease applications to go through an approval process prior to getting approved or declined. Any number of approval processes is flexibly set up to accurately adhere to the requirements of each organization. Rules, conditions and tasks can be defined very specifically to automatically determine the movement of an application. Workflow also comes with full document management capabilities and also allows document management to intelligently impact workflows. Pricing formulas can be defined and automated in the system.

Credit decisioning can also be set up to be an automated function, while at the same time, allowing the user to exercise full manual control over it. Workflow allows for highly controlled security and role/user-access methodologies. Access rights are not only specific to a given workflow and certain information within a lease application, but can also be made specific to where in the workflow the given application might be. This multi-dimensional approach to defining security access allows companies, irrespective of the number of users involved, a powerful mechanism to control not only what information but, as importantly, when the user may access specified information. Approved applications can be automatically booked into the lease management software, with all the requisite accounting implications taken care of by the system.


  • Manage the workflow of lease applications, terminations, transfers, buyouts
  • Process complex check requests decisioning through to the A/P module
  • Easily customized to handle any type of transaction that may be part of a workflow
  • Allow for direct input by external sources such as vendors
  • Set up rules and security access constraints for all users in a role based setting
  • Automatically book leases from the front end system into the accounting system