Data Revolution Tour

November 09, 2018 | Leo Page-Blau | Communications Specialist

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This past week, we attended Qlik’s Data Revolution Tour in Philadelphia’s Old City. Qlik, an enterprise analytics company based outside of Philadelphia, is the creator of Qlik Sense. This tool is the engine of Odessa’s BI solution, Odessa Analytics, providing simple self-service visualization for users of Odessa’s lease management system.

This event was one of twenty stops to engage with customers and partners throughout the Americas, EMEA, and APAC. By bringing together organizations who seek to fully embrace the ‘data revolution’ Qlik hopes to promote data literary, access, and analytical strategies.

The event began with two keynotes on data strategy, first on analytics in the era of AI by Dan Vesset, Group VP, Analytics and Information Management at International Data Corporation (IDC). Mr. Vesset made the interesting point that AI should not be overhyped as a threat to entire systems, but instead leveraged as an efficiency for completing simple tasks. Following this Dr. Vimal Endiran, Global Director of Data and Analytics Ecosystem at Accenture spoke on the importance of driving data literacy within enterprise organizations through cultural change.

After corporate and product updates from Qlik’s new CEO Mike Capone and Senior Product Manager Vinay Kapoor, a customer panel discussed data transformation within their varied organizations. Dan Butcher, Senior BA at PECO discussed how data visualization allows crews to more quickly fix outages in Philadelphia. Jim Maguire, CIO of AmeriGas noted that Qlik’s software has put data back into the hands of their propane delivery drivers. Remarkably, Joy Lesnick, Director of Research, Policy and Practice at the School District of Philadelphia demonstrated how Qlik’s platform allowed stakeholders across the city to access up-to-date data on graduation rates, truancy, and other key educational indicators.

The afternoon offered an array of more focused sessions across customers and industries. The highlight of the conference was truly that no matter your industry or business need, a robust data strategy will be critical to success. A dichotomy was brought up throughout the Data Revolution tour: fancy data tools are not a strategy. For an organization to compete and the data driven world, it needs to purposely set tools behind a defined, well-researched strategy.

We thank Qlik for running a thought-provoking tour, and are excited to continue working together to provide better insights for our users.

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