Leasing Unleashed.

The only platform that can take your business everywhere it wants to go.

The only platform that can take your business everywhere it wants to go.

LeaseWave® - Winner of more ELFA Operations and Technology Excellence Awards than any other company.

Loan management software, Odessa USA,

Equipment Finance

Combining the best of both contract-based and asset-based lease management - all in one platform.

Auto Leasing Software, Odessa USA

Fleet Management

The only leasing system that provides both fleet and lease management in one platform.

Imagine a leasing system so advanced that it can be updated continuously to stay on the cutting edge of modern technology. Add to that the most robust feature set available, built entirely on an SLA-based workflow framework. Now bring in a full ecosystem of partner portals, mobile apps, and powerful reporting and analytics tools. That’s what the future of leasing technology looks like. That’s what LeaseWave can do today.

Odessa Client Testimonial Hana Park of ICON Investments

"Odessa is one of the best at what they do. They are dedicated to learning your business and understanding what you need to do in order to achieve the results that you want."

Hana Park - Dir. Ops, ICON Investments

Odessa Client Testimonial Gary Anderson of Winthrop Resources Corporation

"Odessa's ability to be flexible around what we do was all-important. They're consultants first, developers second. As consultants, I believe they are leasing experts."

Gary Anderson - CFO, Winthrop Resources Corporation

Odessa Client Testimonial, Chris Schmidt of CSI Leasing

"In the end what really made the decision for us was that LeaseWave had a very good, established base of customers."

Chris Schmidt - CIO, CSI Leasing

Odessa Client Testimonial, Jeff Easton of MedOne Capital

"On a daily basis, LeaseWave is really the backbone of our entity. Everything that we do runs through the LeaseWave system."

Jeff Easton - CFO, MedOne Capital

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