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LeaseWave: Comprehensive leasing software solution for fleet & equipment leasing

LeaseWave is a comprehensive leasing software solution. Its suite of 120 configurable modules fully automates the operations of leasing companies. This is complemented by its capabilities as lease accounting software: the accounting behind each transaction is automatically carried out by the system. The suite manages the life cycles of both the lease and its underlying assets, beginning with front office activities such as lease origination, application processing and credit management and extending to back office operations including lease commencement, billing, compliance, collections and end-of-lease processing. LeaseWave is geared towards both equipment and vehicle leasing companies. Specialized modules and functionality have been built to address the distinct requirements of each industry, enabling the suite to be used as an equipment or vehicle / fleet leasing software.

While the breadth of LeaseWave’s functionality makes it a true end-to-end lease management software, its in-built workflow engine allows for unprecedented operational flexibility. The system can wrap itself around the unique decision-making processes of each lease enterprise through the configuration of automated workflows. This enables tight control over security and facilitates the continuous fine-tuning of each activity, based on metrics-driven feedback on corporate efficiency and productivity.

LeaseWave by Odessa Technologies, Inc.


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  • "Odessa is one of the best at what they do. They are dedicated to learning your business and understanding what you need to do in order to achieve the results that you want.” Hana Park, Dir. Ops
    ICON Investments

  • “Odessa’s ability to be flexible around what we do was all-important. They’re consultants first, and they’re developers second, and I believe as a consultant they are leasing experts.”Gary Anderson, CFO
    Winthrop Resources Corporation

  • "In the end what really made the decision for us was that LeaseWave had a very good, established base of customers."Chris Schmidt, CIO
    CSI Leasing

  • "On a daily basis, LeaseWave is really the backbone of our entity. Everything that we do runs through the LeaseWave system."Jeff Easton, CFO
    MedOne Capital

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